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• "When my doctor told me I needed to go on insulin, I knew I needed to do something. I talked to other doctors who all agreed that I needed to look towards bariatric surgery. I decided that Dr. Marema would be my surgeon because he told the good AND the bad about the different procedures. At other surgeons seminars, and they weren't nearly as educational as Dr. Marema's seminar. The whole bariatric program at Flagler Hospital was what I needed and they provided.

The education that this program continually provides to its patients is phenomenal. You are prepared the best you can be for this life-changing event. No question is silly, the staff are always available to guide you and Dr Marema and staff TRULY care for your well being long after your surgery is over. The follow-up care has been great.

After my gastric bypass, I feel SO much better! I am able to play with my grandkids! I got rid of the sleep apnea machine and came off most of my medications. I didn't take the decision lightly and did lots of research, but it is the BEST decisionI have ever made!"

  - Kimberly, Jacksonville

• "Thank you for helping me through the best choice of my life, bariatric surgery! I had the sleeve gastrectomy and am so happy I finally did it!  I've lost 80 punds in 6 months! I did my research over many months and attended many seminars. As soon as I met you, I knew you would be "the one".

You genuinely cared about my well-being and educated me so well. I still had my ups and downs after surgery, but I knew you and your team would help guide me through my questions and concerns, and you did!

It feels great to shop in the normal sizes for clothes, but more than that is simply how I FEEL! I feel more energy, less pain, and in general, happier than I have in years!"

  - Jessica B., Jacksonville

• "Thank you for your help getting me approved from my insurance to have a revision of my gastric bypass. I had no idea that my surgery could be fixed until someone told me about Dr. Marema.

After years of throwing up and eating junk food because that's all that would stay down, you offered to help me. My insurance was not easy to work with, but Nicole was wonderful in pushing to get it covered!

I am happy to say that I am back to eating healthy and even losing weight again! I can't thank ALL of you enough!"

  - Carlos, Orlando

• "Our support group meets once a month. It's an awesome group! I've never been to a group like this before where everybody is excited and happy!"
  - Jesse, Bariatric Patient

• "I go out and like to dance again.  My social life has really picked up because I'm more confident in myself."
  - Sandra, Bariatric Patient

• "The caring and compassionate staff of multidisciplinary professionals at US Bariatric continue to journey with thousands who have been positively impacted by this life-saving, life-changing procedure.  We could show you more photos, but you need to realize that this is not only about the pictures: It is truly about restored hope and health."
  - Bariatric Patient

• "They took me by my hand and walked me through every part of the surgery. What stood out to me the most about Flagler was the staff and people."
- James, Bariatric Patient

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