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Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery
June 1, 2016
Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Exercise and physical activity are important for your health and success after weight loss surgery. In fact, research shows that exercise is one of the best ways in which to maintain long-term weight loss.

Benefits of Exercise
• Burns calories
• Builds muscle and bone strength
• Helps contribute to sustained long-term weight loss
• Can lead to lower blood pressure
• Can help alleviate stress, improve mood and increase self esteem

Your exercise routine should actually begin before your bariatric procedure.  Ideal exercise during the weeks before your surgery would be 20-50 minutes of cardio and strength training seven days a week.

Immediately following your surgery, it is important for you to get up and moving within the first 4 hours and walk for 5 minutes every hour after that. This will aid in blood clot prevention.

In the weeks following surgery, you can begin to gradually increase your level of activity and movement. You can begin with light activities around the house and increase into more intense activities as the weeks progress. Your doctor and support team will provide you with guidance as to when you are ready to progress into more intense activities. When you no longer have restrictions on lifting, you can begin strength and resistance training to help tone your muscles and build strength.

Now is a great time to start exploring what types of exercise and activities you enjoy incorporating into your new lifestyle. You might try taking a dance class or take up a sport such as tennis, biking or swimming.


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