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About Dr. Marema

I began performing bariatric surgery in 1991 when as a general surgeon, my niece who weighed 440 lbs asked me to look into the gastric bypass and perform it on her. I agreed. She lost 280 pounds in 2 years. This convinced me that bariatric surgery worked and that I wanted to continue in the field. 

In 1999, I had the gastric bypass myself.  In losing 120 pounds, and regaining my health, I knew that this was a passion for me and wanted to help my patients experience the same life transformation that I had. 

I began doing the gastric bypass as part of my regular general surgery practice and soon had a long list of patients waiting for the bypass. In 2000 I decided to leave general surgery and begin doing only bariatric surgery. I started a bariatric practice in Ft. Lauderdale, then in Orlando in 2003, then in St. Augustine in 2007.  To date I have performed approximately 9,000 bariatric procedures.  I became certified as a "Center of Excellence" physician by the surgical review corporation and the American Society for bariatric surgery in 2005 and was one of the first physicians in the state to receive this. 

To date, I have taught over 150 physicians how to perform this procedure, as well as over 40 programs on the necessary components of a successful bariatric program.  I am a consultant for many of the leading members of industry that work in bariatric surgery and have participated in both FDA trials for the two adjustable gastric bands that are available in the United States today.

I am 100% dedicated to the safe and compassionate care of the morbidly obese individual, and those suffering with devastating metabolic diseases such as diabetes and abnormal cholesterol and lipids. My goal is to decrease disease, thereby increasing life expectancy and quality of life in a way that gives the best long term outcome for not only weight-loss, but disease management as well.

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