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Summer Barbecues After Weight Loss Surgery
May 26, 2016


You’ve waited all winter and it’s finally here! As we celebrate the unofficial start of the summer season, it may be a challenge to skip the hot dogs and chips at your next barbecue. Planning ahead and going into the situation prepared will make it much more enjoyable for you and much easier to make healthy decisions for yourself.

 • Don’t show up to a barbecue hungry.  If you’ve already had something to eat, you will be less likely to grab the first delicious-looking thing that strikes your fancy. This will also give you time to scope out the food offerings, so that when you do get hungry you can head straight for the light snacks like the fruit or veggie tray.

 • Stay hydrated, and don’t drink your calories. Remember to stay away from sugary and carbonated beverages.

 • Bring a healthy dish that you already know you will enjoy. Even better, you get to share it with your family and friends.

 • When filling your plate, remember to choose your protein first and then add some veggies or salad. Remember to skip the bread.

• Take an accountability buddy to help keep you on track.

Remember how to say “no”. If you’re feeling pressure to eat or drink when you know you shouldn’t, just politely explain that are comfortable and have had plenty to eat.

Follow these tips to help you relax and enjoy your time with family and friends to the fullest!

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